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Celine Crawford

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What makes a winning organisation and team?

People. Vision. Commitment. Passion. Collaboration. Communication. Culture.

First and foremost a winning organisation and team begins with the people that you surround yourself with. If you have vision and commitment then you and your team will develop a passion for what you do. That passion will be shared with your colleagues, communicating the value of your combined contributions and creating a distinct and successful culture.

Why are you passionate about helping others to live a life unbound?

Throughout our lives and careers we are faced with a myriad of decisions, challenges and opportunities. My life has been shaped and positively impacted by the people I have met and worked with around the world. So many great mentors have enriched my life and their support has helped me to live the life that I choose. And so I’m motivated to help those around me embrace their differences, identify their individual strengths, believe that they can make a positive impact and most importantly, maximise their abilities. I want them to succeed in their chosen pursuit and, in turn, positively influence those around them. Believe in yourself. Be brave. And embrace change. Live the life that you chose, not one that is chosen for you!


  • Executive level management consultant, with almost 30 years of national and international business experience; including 11 years living and working in Silicon Valley, California.
  • Experience ranging from: SVP, Client Development, Global Technology Practice, Weber Shandwick and IPG, a Fortune 500 company (NYSE: IPG), to Business Development Director, Law Office Manager, Notary Public, Strategic Adviser.
  • Global corporate strategic experience.
  • Excels in directing and working with cross-functional national and international teams, developing management strategies to deliver corporate growth goals.
  • Demonstrated ability to motivate, empower, mentor and encourage individuals and groups to reach maximum performance.
  • Complete understanding of working in a rapidly changing environment and capable of leading, implementing and managing change management process, implementing cultural shifts and taking teams and individuals “on a journey.”
  • Board member experience encompasses: Current ITS Ireland, Strategic Advisor since 2012, Committee Member San Jose-Dublin Sister City Committee 1999– 2002 working to develop civic, cultural, economic, educational, artistic and athletic ties between San José and Dublin as well as Silicon Valley and Ireland. Committee Member of the Silicon Valley Churchill Club 2000 – 2003 hosting industry and government leaders such as Bill Clinton, Larry Ellison, Bill Gates, Andy Grove, William Hewlett, Marc Andreessen, Steve Ballmer, John Chambers, Jim Clark, Arianna Huffington, John McCain, and many more. And Member of the Sand Hill Box Challenge, Venture Capital Committee, from 1998 through 2000.

Secret weapon – common sense!