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Gary Denham

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What makes a winning organisation and team?

Simply said not easily done!

Leadership – On and off the field. The example. Replicating self.

Vision – clear & articulated in an inspiring way. Great leaders get others to do what they want them to, because they want to do it. The guide post.

Mission focused – outcomes based but processed driven (even the enemy has a say-so in the outcome)

Love – for the game, the mission, teammates. Mission First, Teammates Second, I am Third

Character – because we don’t always win but win or lose, be professional. Character matters

Humility – Always trying to improve oneself, their game and teammates. Either you are humble, or you are about to be (pittsburgh pirates saying). Competing with self to be better.

Communication – Listening. How we interact and express the wins, challenges and failures. Learning from victories and defeats – learning loop. Move, shoot, communicate, assess.

Purpose – the team’s, the individual leads to Swing

Swing – Rowing term that refers to an elusive sensation of near-perfection; a state in which all rowers in the boat are seemingly in a symphony of harmonic motion, with no wasted energy. Similar in meaning to the phrase “in the zone” in other sports.

Why are you passionate about helping others to live a life unbound?

“The meaning in life is to find your gift, the purpose in life is to give it away” Pablo Picaso

My purpose is to inspire Kaizen in others, so they can maximise their performance in any endeavour.

I love it when the light bulb goes on! Helping others makes me a better person.


Being an impactful coach/leader/teacher/mentor is a process that can be taught, learned and implemented into daily life – Being a better person makes you a better coach/leader/teacher/mentor. To include me.

US Navy SEAL (retired), Masters in Education M. A. Ed., Teacher 8th Grade US History, Director of Instructor Development at Naval Special Warfare Center (8 years) – I developed the curriculum and taught all classes for a three-week course of instruction, which qualifies for three college upper division credits. Active duty participants must pass this course before they are placed in an instructor role.

Gary Denham Consulting – owner since 2010. I teach leadership through communication training. My students go on to inspire others to be better, more authentic examples of elite leaders.