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Michael O’ Brien

Senior Partner

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What makes a winning organisation and team?

There is a myriad of factors which can be brought into play in creating a “winning” organisation or team depending on the situation, the team in question and the level of risk involved. I believe that the success of any team is the responsibility of the leadership and therefore the development of the Leadership is key to that teams’ success. In addition to all the normal team identity factors such as culture, vision, ethos etc I have found that a deliberate plan to develop the Psychological Capital of the team is essential. By developing the Leaders and helping them to truly know themselves we can develop leaders that are strong enough to provide the Psychological Safety for all members of the team to reach their full potential. As a firm advocate that Leaders Lead, it is essential that Leaders develop the skills to ensure a culture of Positive Organisational Behaviour.

Why are you passionate about helping others to live a life unbound?

To reach one’s full potential is to live a life “unbound”. To live life to its fullest requires a bravery and confidence to make the most of every opportunity as well as the ability to create one’s own opportunities. By developing in Leaders, the necessary compassion, empathy and strength of character we can achieve the greatest reach. Helping Leaders develop a full understanding of the necessity for everyday heroism is to be part of creating a better world for the greater good.


Michael is a husband and father of two. Michael works with State, semi-state, private sector and corporate groups on Resilience Development, Stress Management and Team Development. Michael delivers training both in Ireland and the UK but has also delivered training further afield in locations such as Switzerland and South Sudan. He continues to work with a select number of individuals from a variety of backgrounds. As a Human Rights Instructor, Michael is a regular contributor on Human Rights courses in the UN School in Ireland.

Michael holds a MSc in Applied Positive Psychology, a BBS, and several other academic qualifications. He spent twenty years as a professional Army Officer in the Irish Defence Forces during which time he had the opportunity to gain invaluable Leadership experience, completing numerous career and skills courses as well as specialist training both at home and abroad. Michael served overseas on tours of duty to the Middle East, East Timor, Liberia and t’Chad and commanded the Irish Armies first ISTAR unit. On completion of eighteen months service as part of an EU Battlegroup, Michael was presented with a Leadership award by the Swedish Government.

Michael has many and varied interests including Sea Kayaking, Hill Walking, Climbing, Sea Swimming and works with a number of voluntary organisations and groups in his spare time. He has a dog and a cat.