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A valued partnership centred on Integrity


A valued partnership centred on Integrity

Who We’ve Helped

A sample of the Organisations we work with reflecting a crossindustry diversity from the world of business and elite sport.

At LiveUnbound we are passionate about giving back to community

We are committed to doing a unique high impact workshop visit to a school or an underage team of the client’s choice for any corporate programmes of 6 months or over. Essentially if a client chooses to embrace a development programme of 6 months or longer to create sustained positive impact – we, at LiveUnbound will do some empowering work with a young group of the client’s choice.


What Our Clients Say

“Stephen is an inspirational leader, an enlightening facilitator and an exceptional strategic thinker.
I worked with Stephen on a one to one basis which I found profoundly impactful for my career and personal life.
Stephen guided me through techniques which helped me assess and make decisions on my future goals with assertiveness and execution.
Stephens coaching encouraged me to evaluate aspects of my life in a way I would not have considered before.
I would highly recommend Stephen for anybody interested in going from good to great or anyone looking to get back on the horse!”

Derek Dalton, Head of Operations Aramex Ireland

Stephen has been a great support for the staff consultative forum group.  We started off as a group of people thrown together. After just two sessions with Stephen we held a clear focus, a set of values and a collective purpose to guide us as a team in the direction we set out to achieve.  We are functioning as a stronger group to allow staff voices to be heard by the organisation.  Stephen has been available to each of us between sessions.  He has a great way of gaining the best out of who he is working with.  The impact of his input has been seen within the forum as well as, for me, in other aspects of my professional and personal life and I would highly recommend Stephen and LiveUnbound Limited for any group of people looking to achieve something. I can attest to Stephen’s capacity and skills to assimilate the unique contexts individuals, teams and organisations are in and use that understanding to affect real and impactful change.”

Extern Team Development & Culture Change Project

“Stephen has quickly embraced and helped to embed the forward-looking, solution-focussed culture within Extern. As a professional coach Stephen is helping us to tap into our full potential so we at Extern can empower our service users to do the same. Stephen gives an objective perspective and enthusiastically supports us to take Extern to the next level. From my own experience of working with Stephen on a one to one basis I have increased my Leadership capacity, Performance levels, Wellbeing and personal effectiveness in all areas of my life. He makes things happen and gets results. He brings out the best in people and is extremely effective in understanding what makes them tick and what matters to them. A pleasure to work with and highly recommended”

Charlie Mack, CEO Extern

“Stephen recently presented to an IDA Ireland technology client in Cork City on behalf of Live unbound. It was an engaging and insightful evening where Stephen got their sales team to think and speak about their sales techniques, their personal goals, and the companies strategic goals. A passionate guy both in business and sport, Stephen brings that out in others and gives insightful advice as to how to pick a mentor and how to motivate yourself and others. He sparked an open conversation between the CEO and his team during our session and that was inspiring to see. ”

Suzanne Lynch, Vice President Emerging Business IDA