Setting yourself up for excellence in 2020 and beyond.

Setting yourself up for excellence in 2020 and beyond.

There’s a saying that goes when you appreciate what you have, you will have all that you need. Year-end is a time to look back and appreciate what you have gained or learned during the year. In this short note, I share a powerful reflection exercise that has really empowered me and many of my clients over the years.

Self-reflection is a practice that isn’t easy and requires us to take a sidestep from the whirlwind of life. Think of it as a pitstop.

If we are past focused, then we are most likely focused on the negative things, and we amplify and project them into our future as an aspect of ourselves. This leaves us feeling like failures, or not good enough. And if we are future-focused, we tend to mitigate or deny our past accomplishments and learnings…never satisfied with the way things are. We strive for the grass greener on the other side of the mountain while ignoring what we have now. This is an ineffective reflection.

Let’s take a look at how we can effectively reflect on the year gone by with a view to being a truer and better version of ourselves for 2020 and beyond.

Step 1: Reflecting on the good.

What am I proud of that I did last year? What went well for me? What are my successes?

Its human nature to be tough on ourselves rather than celebrating our successes. However, we believe its crucial to our confidence to realise how good we are and acknowledge our strengths. This step is where we will all celebrate the things we are proud of what we accomplished last year.

Ask yourself these questions and write your list.

Step 2: Reflecting on the bad (and the ugly!).

How did I let myself down last year? What did not go well for me? What are my disappointments?

Some people say that we derive the most learning from our mistakes. Therefore the opportunity is here and now to be truthful and face into where we didn’t perform as we would have liked last year? The more we are truthful the more we will get from this step and so potentially build a better stronger plan with even greater likely hood of success

Ask yourself these questions and write your list.

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Step 3: Finding the wisdom to advise yourself. Lessons from life!

From the list of things you are proud of and the list of things you were not proud of, find the lessons you have learned from them.

Make your list of the lessons learned.

Step 4: Best Advice for success, self-coaching guidelines.

Our lessons speak to us and guide us in improving our effectiveness.

Here, our step is to craft a few phrases that will serve to help and support us – coach us if you like – to be more enabled to achieve the goals and actions we set ourselves

Your Best Advice statements act as a personal coach. Helping you to focus on the right way of thinking and behaving. They will, if you embrace them, ensure your goals are achieved.

They must be like this; short, memorable, positive, and action-oriented. To give you some examples. I have done this exercise myself recently and below are my statements of best advice.

  1. My natural strength of mental toughness gives me an edge. I am a warrior.
  2. Travel, take a risk, explore, live unbound.
  3. My time is my chance to live, don’t waste it.

Give it a go and best of luck. Please feel free to reach out if I can help or if you would like to share your best advice statements with me, really excited to hear what you arrive at!



I want to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation to you for being part of the LiveUnbound tribe and for your commitment to being the best version of yourself possible so that you can serve others.

Let’s look forward to an amazing 2020! My Best as always, Stephen.