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Stephen McDonnell

Founder & Chief Partner

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What makes a winning organisation and team?

Winning movements always begin with the Senior Leadership and this winning approach ripples throughout the whole company leading to extraordinary results. Likewise for failure.

I think it’s a combination of 6 keys:

  • A clear strategy and purpose that is created, developed and owned by the whole company. Ingrained in Everything you do
  • A culture of high performance that values every employee – Team members, not employees.
  • Direct management that nurture and develop an honest connection with their team members. Create an environment of Trust
  • Placing key people in key areas. Strong leadership & Cohesion
  • Adapting, learning quickly and collaborating. Continuous Learning
  • Having fun. The bottom line. Take care of your people they will deliver results.

Organisations are made up of complex teams, and the teams are made up of complex individuals. Meet the above criteria and you have the winning edge.

Why are you passionate about helping others to live a life unbound?

Life is short, I want to enjoy it and what I really enjoy is improving people’s working and personal life expanding their impact for themselves, their teams, their families, their organisations, and the world.


  • Leadership & performance consultant & coach, facilitator of transformation, cultural change consultant and people development professional who has been helping organisations across a broad range of industries.
  • A strong leader with skills developed through professional career and supporting organisations such as the Gaelic Players Association (GPA), One Young World (OYW), RedRUK and GortaSelfHelp Africa. Further developed through captaining the Cork Senior Hurling Team for the 2016 and 2017 seasons.
  • Current Elite Sportsperson and previous 2 year captain winning the Munster Championship.
  • Lead Project Management and Structural Engineering experience with Arup Consulting Engineers.
  • Current Irish One Young World Ambassador and GPA NEC Member.
  • Lecturer in CIT and the Irish Management Institute mentoring in the areas of leadership, team culture and performance.
  • Emotional Intelligence certified practitioner.